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Come to build, learn and pave the future for decentralize identity

DID startups program

DID startups program is where talents come to accelerate their DID ideas and work with other projects to build a well-functioning DID ecosystem. Launched by Litentry, it aims to level-up projects that are game-changer in the DID space and thus pave the way for a better Web 3. We want to create a space that is a high-signal, low noise, candid information-flow environment for teams to build, share and tackle hard problems in the collective efforts. To facilitate free resource flow, we want to prevent duplication of work and optimize cooperation and efficiency among the teams. 

We welcome DID teams, individual developers, founders, and investors to join us in building a better DID space. 

Technical Assistance

We're a team with demonstrated experience and background in Substrate, Polkadot, and Ethereum development. In our 1-1 meetings, you'll receive technical assistance from product initiatives, pallets development to parachain onboarding, and learn how to build efficiently and effectively on different crypto ecosystems.

Marketing Resources

Hands-on guidance on marketing and community building techniques, as well as PR connections and recources uplevel your worldwide project promotion. 

VC Connections

Whether you're planning to bootstrap, raise funds from VC, or issue tokens to fund your projects, you can talk to us about your visions and concerns -- because we all went through these and we can give you the guidance you need. You'll be connected to VCs and incredible people in the blockchain startup ecosystem and seek funding advice from our founders.


Anchor your ideas to technical partnerships that will exponentially enhance the usage of your products. We'll help you build the right connection such that teams can collectively expand their use case scenarios.


Non-dilutive, fully community driven

The program is completely non-dilutive, you won't be asked for token allocation or shares from us. If you like our work and want to support us, feel free to donate and contribute.

Who is joining the program?

We select 3 teams for our first batch for the period of 5 months and welcome more teams to join. We hope to build a small niche community to facilitate cohesion and free information flow. From name services, oracle, ID single sign-on to privacy protection, a wide range of diverse, innovative ideas will be brought in.

You should join in if you are:

💚  Team doing cool DID stuff and wants to seek more opportunities in the space

💚  Founder working on something exciting about DID

💚  Developer exploring the field of secure, privacy-by-design ID system

💚  Investor looking for investment opportunities in the DID space

Who are we

What is DID?

DID shorts for decentralized identity, is an assembled collection of identity data that is generated on decentralized applications, with which users have the ultimate ownership and control of their ID. These data are decentralized in the sense that they are not collected by any centralized institution, not stored on centralized file storage, or managed/taken advantage of by any third party without the permission of identity owners.

DID is only made possible by the advent of Web 3, and as Web 3 grows we'll see the rapidly growing demand of DID applications for users to seamlessly navigate through different networks.

Launched by Litentry

Litentry - A Cross-chain DID aggregation protocol

The team has been working on DID since 2018 and is working closely with the Parity team to become the standard in cross-chain identity. They received a grant from the Web3 Foundation in their early stage and got listed on Binance in Feburary 2021. They have a demonstrated background in the DID field and are actively building a wide range of products that provides identity solutions.The Litentry development team is currently based in Berlin, Germany with a deep understanding in the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystem.

First batch of teams


An open data analytics platform built for the Polkadot ecosystem.

PNS (Polkadot Name Services)

ENS comparable services with pallets on Substrate.


Credit oracle providing Web 3.0 an interface to off-chain credit data.

First batch of teams

Jasmine Zhang

General Partner @ A&T Capital

" We are interested in supporting entrepreneurs with long-term strategy and looking for enablers to bring mainstream in crypto."

(In no specific order)


Xinshu Dong

Partner @ IOSG Venture,

previously founder @ Zilliqa

“Entrepreneurship is an exciting yet challenging journey. We are glad to help and support new teams developing decentralized identity solutions!”


Philip Forte

Partner @ BlockVenture,

founder @ CMU Blockchain


Justine Humenansky

Investor @ Playground Capital


Michelle Tsing

Founder @ Elevate the Blockchain

Supervised By
substrate builders .png

The Substrate Builders Program is a program launched by Parity to identify, support, and mentor substrate-based projects that are building impactful chains.


The BlockVenture Coalition is a research-driven alliance of university blockchain groups and venture capital funds.


The Xcelerator is a joint venture between Berkeley's Haas School of Business, Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center, and Blockchain at Berkeley that provides non-dilutive support to blockchain startups.

Advisors & Supervisors
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